Brand identity mockup for Build Manager.

build manager

Matt and Ben, the duo behind Build Manager, are a team of construction professionals inspired by their own self-build experiences to create a platform to assist future self-builders. Their goal is inspire to more people to consider self-building, develop people’s knowledge and skills whilst supporting them in the journey to realising their dream home. They approached me to give their existing branding a complete refresh, with the hope of appealing to a wider audience outside of already established construction professionals.
Branding Design
Website Design
Main Build Manager logo.Build Manager main brandmark in vary colourways.
Business card design mockups for Build Manager.
I worked closely with the duo to create a branding scheme that would help to bridge the gap between industry professionals and novice builders, hoping to appeal to both audiences alike. To do this, I re-worked their current brandmark and paired it with super clean typography in a number of different configurations. These designs were then juxtaposed with a selection super bright colours that aren't typically associated with 'construction', which in turn helped to build out a visual language that was very unique to the business. We continued to expand on this branding scheme by rolling out printed collateral such as business cards, folders, letterheads and guidance documents, complete with icons that represent each of the 12 self-build stages as formulated by Matt and Ben.
Exterior of the printed Build Manager folders.Letterhead and business card designs for Build Manager.
Printed folder, letterhead and leaflet designs for Build Manager.
Process map design for Build Manager.Process map design for Build Manager.
12 icon designs for Build Manager's 12-Step process.
One of the main factors in this project was the design of a landing page which would act as a placeholder whilst they began building out their SAAS platform. We worked closely with a developer to design the front end of the website with the goal of raising brand awareness, being sure to keep the website user friendly as to appeal to a wide audience. We were able to incorporate all of our branding elements including with a suite of icons, isometric illustrations and bright blocks of colour. Tap here to view the Build Manager website.
Screenshot of Build Manager website.Screenshot of the Build Manager website.
Screenshot of Build Manager website.9 Screenshots of the Build Manager website design.Macbook mockup for Build Manager.
Mobile website mockups for Build Manager.
With a brand such as this, we felt it was important to consider the future presence on social media. One of the main goals, outside of getting users to sign-up to their service, is to build a community where they can share their knowledge as well as tease their premium content. It felt appropriate to create bold 'infographic' style carousels which would cover smaller stages of the self-build process, using snippets of content from paid guidance documents. This was the perfect way to incorporate all of our branding colours, making sure the posts looked diverse and interesting, whilst still following a consistent thread.
Four social media designs of varying colour for Build Manager.Social media design mockups for Build Manager.