Enhancing a brand identity in the energy sector with Integrum

Integrum Power Engineering selection of printed collateral, with iPhone and iPad website examples.

Establishing a strong online presence is essential for businesses to thrive. This is especially true for companies in the engineering and electrical industry, where showcasing expertise and innovation is key. Integrum Power Engineering, a highly-skilled electrical engineering design and build contractor, recognised the importance of a robust online platform and approached me to create a brand new website that would capture the essence of their exceptional engineering solutions.

Creating an online presence

The first step in Integrum Power Engineering's journey was to reinforce their online presence by creating an engaging website that would showcase their services. The website serves as a landing page, providing visitors with a glimpse into the company's capabilities and expertise. Through careful consideration of user experience and intuitive navigation, we designed a website that captivates visitors and guides them seamlessly through their customer journey. The use of interactive elements and tidy layouts further enhances the overall experience, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients.

Expanding upon an existing brand

Once the website project had been completed, our focus shifted to reinforcing their brand identity. Our aim in doing so was to further strengthen their connection to their target audience with consistent design. I worked closely with their team to understand their vision and values, ensuring that these were reflected in the brand's collateral. By incorporating their expertise in high voltage power distribution projects and maintenance, we crafted a leave behind material that exudes professionalism and reliability. The use of vibrant colours and clean design elements helped to create a memorable brand that stands out in the industry.

Venturing into a sister brand: Integrum Renewable Energy

As Integrum Power Engineering solidified its position as a leader in the electrical engineering industry, they recognised an opportunity to expand their services into the renewable energy sector. This led to the development of Integrum Renewable Energy, a sister brand that focuses on providing innovative renewable energy solutions. Leveraging our longstanding partnership, we collaborated closely with the head of Integrum Renewable Energy, Ben, to develop a branding scheme that aligned with the original brand while incorporating an all-green colour palette. The result was a cohesive visual identity that showcased their commitment to sustainability and renewable energy.

Building twin websites

To proudly display their newly introduced renewable energy services, we embarked on the design and development of a dedicated website for Integrum Renewable Energy. The website seamlessly integrates with the existing Integrum Power Engineering website, maintaining a consistent thread between the two brands. Through compelling visuals, informative content, and user-friendly navigation, the Integrum Renewable Energy website effectively communicates the company's expertise and showcases their commitment to a greener future.


Through strategic branding, thoughtful website design, and expansion into a sister brand, Integrum Power Engineering has successfully elevated their business and established a strong online presence. By crafting a memorable brand identity, creating an engaging website, and expanding into the renewable energy sector, they have positioned themselves as industry leaders in electrical engineering and sustainability. If you're looking for high-quality engineering services or innovative renewable energy solutions, be sure to visit the Integrum Power Engineering website (now part of the OCU Group) and explore their sister brand, Integrum Renewable Energy.