Creating a vibrant brand and character illustrations for a soft play company

Junglemazeia website displayed on iMac, iPad and iPhone.

Introducing JungleMazeia, Doncaster's newest and most exciting indoor play area and private party venue. When they approached us, they had a specific vision in mind - to develop a captivating branding scheme that would truly bring their jungle theme to life. I was thrilled to take on the JungleMazeia project and collaborate with the talented illustrator, Lindsay Mallia, to create four incredible brand mascots.

Bringing the jungle theme to life

The first step in this exciting journey was to create a fun and engaging brand identity that perfectly captured the essence of JungleMazeia. We worked closely with the JungleMazeia team to understand their vision and translate it into a vibrant and captivating brand. With the help of Lindsay's amazing illustrative skills, we brought the jungle theme to life through our four brand mascots - The Lion, The Toucan, The Snake and The Monkey.

From print collateral to online presence

Once the brand identity and print collateral were finalised, it was time to extend the captivating experience of JungleMazeia into their online presence. We wanted their website to mirror the brightly coloured and jungle-themed indoor play area, creating a seamless and immersive experience for their visitors. Together we crafted a website that incorporated animated elements, illustrated characters, and animal prints, all working together to emphasise the activity-focused brand of JungleMazeia.

Enhancing user experience

To further enhance the user experience, we integrated a convenient booking system into the website. This allowed customers to book time slots in advance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit without any disappointments. By incorporating this feature, we were able to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for JungleMazeia's customers, from discovering their website to enjoying their jungle adventure.

The end result

The collaborative effort between myself, JungleMazeia, and Lindsay Mallia resulted in a vibrant brand identity and captivating character illustrations that truly brought the jungle theme to life. The combination of the engaging print collateral and the immersive website design created an unforgettable experience for JungleMazeia's visitors, enticing them to explore and enjoy all the exciting activities the indoor play area has to offer.

If you're looking for a thrilling and memorable adventure, be sure to visit the JungleMazeia website. Get ready to dive into the jungle and embark on an unforgettable experience for the whole family!