Schoolbox branded pressbox with coloured pencil and perforated blue wooden board.


Schoolbox is a collaboration between myself and Lindsay Mallia, teaming up to create a company where we could take our skills as designers and merge them with our passion for education. We wanted to take a different approach to toward designing for educators, hoping to add more value to parents and students alike.
Branding Design
Collateral Design
Website Design & DEV
Schoolbox logo on dark background with coloured shapes.Schoolbox logo layout variations.
Schoolbox business card designs.
We started by creating an interchangeable branding scheme using 'building blocks' and bright primary colours, as an ode to staple items encountered by everyone in their early education. This array of brightly coloured shapes then bled into print collateral and 'press' boxes that would serve as our introduction to schools in the immediate vicinity.
Schoolbox printed services booklet on blue wooden block.Schoolbox printed lanyard/id card for school visits.
Schoolbox branded pressbox with coloured pencil.
Whilst we were working on reaching out to schools on a tangible level, we spent months building out our online presence that would be both impactful and informative to teachers and governing bodies. Our intention was to show off our personalities and creative flair, but provide useful and transparent information regarding our services and pricing structure so that we could build trust with our clients from our very first interaction. Tap here to visit the Schoolbox website.
Screenshot from Schoolbox website homepage.Screenshot from Schoolbox website homepage.
Range of screenshots from Schoolbox website design.Screenshot from Schoolbox website homepage displayed on iPad.
Screenshots of Schoolbox website design displayed on iPhones.
When the COVID-19 Pandemic began, we were forced to postpone our initial plans, with school children spending most of their time at home as opposed to the classroom. With that, we were forced to think on our feet and so.. Schoolbox Hometime was born. Schoolbox Hometime was programme run by us to help parents with younger children stay engaged during their time at home. We released daily challenges on our social media complete with downloadable resources to help keep boredom at bay, until things began to open up again.
Schoolbox social media designs for Instagram.Schoolbox social media design for Instagram Stories, shown on iPhones.
Schoolbox find the bugs downloadable worksheet.Schoolbox downloadable colouring sheet for key workers.
Schoolbox downloadable colouring sheet for family crest.