With my four-year tenure as a consultant for Curated, a pivotal moment presented itself when the agency decided to revamp its overall approach. This shift in proposition opened up an exciting opportunity to undertake a comprehensive rebranding effort. The goal was to ensure the agency's visual identity, brand ethos and online presence were in harmony with this newly revised approach and three-part methodology. We wanted to create bright and exciting visuals while maintaining a level of clean, no-nonsense communication for new and existing audiences.

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Visual Identity

Website + UI Design

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Laptop perched on a ledge, displaying the Curated website homepage.

Within the rebranding project, I undertook a comprehensive redesign of the company's visual identity to reflect its evolving ethos and vision. This included crafting a brand-new wordmark logo and a bright, playful colour scheme that resonates with the brand's core values. Alongside this, I also redesigned the website, focusing on user-friendly navigation and a clean, modern layout to enhance the user experience. The website was developed using Webflow, ensuring a responsive design that works seamlessly across all devices. Furthermore, I created engaging video and social media templates that maintained coherence with the visual identity, providing a consistent brand image across all platforms.

Curated wordmark logo in dark blue on a purple backdrop.
Still from the Curated promotional video. Featuring 16 scenario images with the curated logo overlayed in several colours.
The 6 main colours of the Curated colour scheme.
3 abstract illustrations for the 3-part methodology.
Laptop perched on a ledge, displaying the Curated website homepage.
Screenshot of the team page on the Curated website, displayed on an iPad.
Screenshot of the Curated homepage, displayed on an iPad.
3 iPhones displaying the 3 methodologies from the Curated website.
Curated proposal cover design shown on an iMac.
Curated eBook cover designs.
Curated social media designs.
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