Skanwear, a leading provider of electrical safety wear, wanted a visual identity that reinforced its commitment to safety, quality, and innovation. The aim was to transform the company's visual identity to reflect its progressive vision and ethos. The process began with an in-depth understanding of Skanwear's mission, values, and target audience. This formed the foundation for the visual identity redesign. The goal was to create a design that spoke directly to Skanwear’s customer base - professionals who value safety and quality.

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Close up of the new Skanwear logo, on bright red translucent paper.

The redesign started with the logo - the cornerstone of Skanwear's visual identity. The new logo was designed to be bold, modern, and reflective of the company's focus on safety and quality. A strong, distinct font type was chosen to represent the company's confidence and reliability. The colour palette was carefully selected to resonate with the industry's safety focus, using a vibrant red as the key hue. We created a retro-inspired brand pattern that is fully customisable and adaptable, ensuring consistent yet varied designs for future projects. Alongside the logo, the entire visual identity was revamped, including typography, imagery, and the overall visual style. The new visual identity was then applied consistently across all touchpoints, from website to marketing materials, ensuring a cohesive and unified brand image. The outcome is a visually commanding and influential identity that personifies Skanwear's unyielding dedication to safety and quality. This new visual identity does more than just solidify the Skanwear brand; it distinguishes it from the competition, bolstering its status as an unrivalled leader in the safety wear industry.

Skanwear logo displayed in 3 different colour variations.
Skanwear's linear brand pattern displayed over top of different blocks of colour.
Skanwear's icon suite design.
Skanwear business cards, displayed on top of red wooden panel.
Selection of Skanwear branded stationary.
Skanwear clothign spec sheet designs.
Skanwear flyer laid on top of a red piped bench.
A portion of a Skanwear presentation, shown on a laptop atop a red piped bench.
Electrical safety eBook cover for Skanwear, shown on an iPad.
Portion of a Skanwear presentation, displayed on an iPad.
Skanwear streetside banner, showing 4 models wearing Arch Flash protective clothing. Stood on a red background with the logo overlayed.
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Callum has been a valuable asset to our team, bringing not only a high level of creativity but also a deep understanding of our brand and objectives. His ability to capture the essence of our vision and translate it into visually compelling designs has played a crucial role in the success of our rebranding efforts.

Working alongside Callum for the past 2+ years has been an enjoyable experience. His professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering quality work have consistently exceeded our expectations. What sets Callum apart is not only his technical proficiency but also his proactive approach to understanding our evolving needs, offering insights and suggestions that have enhanced the overall impact of our branding and marketing strategies. His ability to take feedback constructively and iterate on designs has been instrumental in achieving the polished and professional look we desired for our brand.

Skanwear wholeheartedly recommend Callum to any organisation seeking a talented and dedicated graphic designer. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Callum on future projects and milestones.

— Ben Cass, Marketing Lead