Animated gift of a selection of logos.


A selection of logo designs from 2018 - 2021 for various clients. I try to respond to each brand identity or logo design differently, whilst adhering to the same idea that the logo design should help tell the story of the brand in the most effective and practical way.
Virtual CEO logo in the shape of a chat bubble.Build Manager logo design - 3 houses stacked.
Written text logo for 'Drop Drop Agency'.
Drip Drop Agency Logo Variation.
Drip Drop Agency repeat logo pattern.
Nook 'N' shaped logo.Webbit 'W' shaped logo.
Pilates by Eleanor Logo - female doing a pose inside a circle.
Pilates by Eleanor logo variation.
Pilates by Eleanor Poster Design.
Interlinked 'AW' letters for Abbie Woodruff logo.Forever Full Hair logo design - two interlocked 'F' letters, shaped to look like hair.
Goldthread Extensions logo design.
Goldthread Extension logo variation in pink.
Goldthread Extensions social media designs. Instagram story icons.
Interlocking 'CB' letters for Ciao Bella logo.'WR' outline logo design.